The Competition

The Show is a monthly showcase vehicle for Toronto actors to get on stage and show what they’ve got. This is a safe, creative and comedic environment for you to do your thing. All performers showcased will compete head to head each month for an opportunity for bragging rights and cash prizes but more so to be crowned the Best in Show! Your work will be featured on our event page and web site. Hosted by Steven Mann (Mann Casting) and Co-Hosted by Brad Milne (Milne Studios) you should expected the unexpected.

The Show offers a variety in monthly themes: Solos: Monolgoues, sonnets, and song lyrics. Duets: scenes with two actors. Ensemble: scenes with three or more actors.

How does the competition work?

Opening Round: Actors will be given three minutes to perform a monologue of their choice (original or existing material). Don’t play it safe, we encourage risk and creativity! Go all in, own the stage and our judges will give a verbal redirect/ critique to each of our competitors. You will get constructive feedback from industry insiders (casting directors/producers/directors/ agents etc) but more so those who get & respect what you do! The top 3 move onto the final round. (Based on our judges scorecards)

Final Round: The round is judged by audience members and their score is added to the finalist’s first round score to determine the winner. The winner holds the rein for the month which they will be asked to defend at the following month’s competition.

Prize Money: First prize $200, second prize $100, third prize $50.

How do I submit to compete?

All actors are required to submit headshot, resume and if posible a link to a youtube or vimeo link of your work. Please submit to We will contact you if selected.

What does it cost?

Tickets will be available at the door for $20.00. Advance tickets are available at Mann Casting 26 Logan Ave or at Milne Studios 68 Admiral Rd for $15.00.

We want to ensure that this will be a very entertaining and fun night and we will have a full bar and appetizer food available.

The Rules & Regulations

Opening round

Actors are given three minutes to perform a monologue of their choice (original or existing material). Use of props and costumes that might compliment your performance are encouraged. Each actor will receive notes/critique from each of the judges after the performance and awarded a score (scoring method below). After all the competitors have performed, the judges score sheets are calculated and Three (3) finalists are selected to advance to round two.

Final round

The judges will flip the script. The finalists are given ten minutes to prepare and another three minutes to perform the same monologue, incorporating the redirects. The final round is judged audience members. The audience member score is then added to their first round score to determine the winner.

We respect artistic freedom of expression and creativity from all actors. The Show actors are encourage to follow the guide lines below. If you need further clarification or are unclear about any of the guidelines, or have question please contact us. Performances are given three minutes, scores may be reduced for going over three minutes.

1st Round Scoring

Judges are asked to provide a score of 1 – 10 based on the following:

1. Uniqueness & Originality: ability to deliver a highly personalized performance in the role that leaves the audience wanting more of your experience.

5. Casting: Did you chose the right piece for you and did it allow you to best showcase your skills?

3. Audience Response: How well did you resonate? Your ability to get a reaction out of the audience is a part of what you’re there to do. In whatever direction you go, not matter how subtle or how big, go all the way.

4. Space and Pace: From start to finish leave a sense that you’re in a real place in the role. Your voice must fill the room while not sacrificing the intimacy of your scene. If you’re playing the audience, commit completely to that.

5. Interpretation: Be clear and bold with your choices for relationships and goals in the role. Your ability to make deep personal connections is essential.

2nd Round Scoring

The finalists are awarded points based on the audience votes they receive, those points are added to the first round score and the winners are selected.